" The Quarterly Journal of Woman and Family Studies"


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Fee: Paper publication fee: 3,000,000 Rls

(1.000.000 Rls received before review and 2.000.000 Rls will be received after the paper is approved for publishing)


The “Journal  of Woman and Family Studies” , is periodical of Alzahra University that issues noble articles induced from  studious data, surveys  (Systematic and Meta-analysis,…), Case report and theorizing articles in the area of woman and family. Noble and studious articles are superior. Posted article should not be issued in any internal or external journal before. Editorial board expects respectable authors, do not send their article to other journals to issue them, until  they have not received acceptance response from journal.  


Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1 - Serial Number 20, Spring 2021 

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