How is the research or review misconduct addressed?

Because the journal adheres to the ethical principles of COPE, violations by authors or judges will be followed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Publication Ethical section.

Do authors have to pay to publish an article in the journal?

Authors are required to pay 1,000,000 Rials before review and 2,000,000 Rials before accepting.

How to track the status of submitted articles?

Authors can be notified of the status of submitted articles at any stage by logging in to their account, or by clickiing on the "Contact Us" section to inform the status  of the paper.

Is it possible to send an article via email?

The only way is to submit an article to the journal through the journal website and articles submitted via the journal email will not be included in the review process.

What kind of articles are reviewed and accepted in the journal?

Articles that have the appropriate format of the journal, in one of the types of research and review articles, are in line with the goals of the journal in both the field of women and the family.

How long does the review process in the journal take?

The length of the review depends on the topic of the article, the number of articles being reviewed and the reviewers, and will take at least 4 months.Holidays are not included in this period.

How to pay fee for review and accepting the paper?

All the fees are paid through the author's account. The fee is consisting 1.000.000 Rials. for reviewing and 2.000.0000 Rials for publishing.

What are the journal's actions to prevent plagiarism in submitted articles?

According to the decision of the editorial board of the journal in order to comply with intellectual property rights, the texts of all submitted articles will be evaluated with a "Samim NOOR" before entering the reveiw process.

What is the advantage of assigning DOI to each article?

This code, based on an international standard by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), contains a set of numbers and letters introduced to identify electronic documents.